No wind? It’s not a problem, we go to the nautical ski tow at the wake park!

We tested for you!


A calming place, a sportive afternoon, welcoming instructors : One hour of pure sensation slides in the TN64 on the Sames Lake. A perfect activity when weather conditions don’t allow to venture on the sea!Towed by the nautical ski tow, we began on knees on a board to test the route and then : Ski or wake, you can choose. Fasten your seatbelts!

> Could you introduce yourself to our CoRiders?

My name is Guillaume RAVIER but we call me “Boudu”. I’m an alpine ski instructor during the winter in Plagne, director of the nautical Ski tow of Sames in the Basque Countries and water ski instructor also.

> What board sports represent for you?

For me, board sports are a drug of which I simply cannot do without both in winter and in summer. I adore extreme sports.


> What is the TN64?

TN64 is a nautical ski tow, with various disciplines: “Kneeboard” to begin, water skiing and above all the wakeboard. Towed by a cable of 650 meters, it allows 9 people to ride at the same time on the cable and make the activity very friendly, the Wake Park is constituted of 8 modules.So, we have fun at any age and any levels.

> Which are the memories wich we will retain of our passage to the TN64?

We retained very good feeling, lot of laughs with friends or with family and we have pain in arms!


> What can you propose to our CoRiders ?

CoRiders will benefit of 10% discount on the activity and the rent of specific equipment for the use of the Wake Park.> The word of the end?Yes, just come and test, amateurs of strong sensation and of gliding feeling will never be disappointed!Furthermore, it’s a nice place: with a cheap and quality restaurant as well as a supervised beach between the middle of June to the middle of September. There is fun for everybody!

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