Meet Benoît & his surf school in Labenne

Hi Benoît !

Can you introduce yourself to our CoRiders?

Goxes Benoit, 43, waterman, I own the Go&Surf surf school in Labenne Ocean.

Physics engineer, I realized that I was running out of air in that environment and time to indulge my passions.

After ten years of mountain first aid as a member of the ski patrol, I had the chance to create Go&Surf with Olivier, my partner, who takes care of the school in Ondres.

go and surf Labenne

How and when did you start surfing?

Board sports have always been part of my life!

Barely walking age, I already slipped on skis!

This was the start of a great adventure that never stopped. I'm addicted to (almost) all disciplines: skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, paddle and surf.

I started surfing later, being teen, a summer day, on vacation with my grandmother on the beach of Biarritz. I rented a board (there was no surf schools) and I went to the peak! ... The first wave arrived and send the board in my face. Back on the beach, blood nose and distraugh grandma t!

Since that day my surfing passion grew and I organized my life around it on the best spots on the planet.


What is the history of Go&Surf?

Founded in 1996 by two friends and surf instructors, a truck and a few boards to begin with, a passion to share, with the backdrop of the ocean and its waves.

The school has grown, the campsites were filled ans Labenne became a famous spot.

Several buddies monitors working at Go&Surf on summer, wooden chalets welcome our customers closer to the waves for surf lessons or bodyboard through initiation to development.Since the beginning, we kept the same values ​​: respect, security and FUN!

What is it for you Go&Surf?

Go&Surf is a great family, a great tool to meet people from different backgrounds and share their passion.

No hassle, we are here to enjoy and appreciate these magic moments that nature gives us.


Why discover Labenne?

"Travel shapes youth" as the saying goes! Labenne, it's: dunes, a strong shore break, the huge pine forests and many ducks not too far! All good reasons to visit us !Last word? Go&Surf has always been committed to protecting the planet, it is a priority for us. I would like to make people aware of the fragility of our world, so that our future generations can still enjoy a long timenature jewels .

"Adishatz" to all and see you soon in Labenne !

goandsurf labenne

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team@goandsurf.com1621 avenue de la plage 40440 ONDRES FRANCEOndres : 06 10 23 35 50Labenne : 06 67 39 95 29

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