Sharkpool : The Steve Seilly surf school

Hello Steve !


> When and how did you begin to surf ?

I began to surf at 11 years old, more than 20 years ago now. Gradually, I became professional, member of the French team and sponsored, among others, by RIP CURL. I obtained good results as winner's title of the French cup as well as several times champion of Landes and Aquitaine.Nowadays, I make no more competition and prefer to surf for my pleasure in search of beautiful waves. I am sponsored by RT, CREATURES OF LEASURE, COOL SHOE, SINNER and WEST.

> What does it represent for you?

Surfing represents all my life. Indeed, it’s my passion, my job and I couldn’t imagine living without it. I’ve been caught up in the surfing, by being very young competitor what allowed me to make beautiful meetings and to travel in wonderful places. It was an obvious fact for me to reconvert myself in this domain and to open my own shop and surf school. I have the surf instructor’s certificate.


> Have you other leisure ?

  • Traveling: Surf destinations, looking for big waves!
  • Other sports: swimming, snowboard, skateboard …

> What does Sharkpool represent for you?

I opened the Sharkpool store 11 years ago. It allows me to live out of my passion and to share my experience and knowledge with my pupils.I propose surfing classes, bodyboard and stand-up paddle for beginners and experimented people as well as rental equipment. You can also find there: textile, gifts, beach games and other nice things !


Why come to discover Labenne?

  • Surfing destination
  • Natural destination: Bicycle and pedestrian paths between earth and sea which allow to go easily to Capbreton or Hossegor.
  • Family and quiet station
  • Location: Between Biarritz and Hossegor

What can you propose to our CoRiders ?I propose preferential rates on :- Surfing classes: Internship of 5 classes of 1 :30 è 120€/pers instead of 135€- 1 class of 1:30 è 25€/pers instead of 35€- 10% discount on rent material- 10% discount on all the shop from 15€ of purchaseThe last word ?Don’t hesitate to come to see me in the shop for any further information or if you just need an advice. It will be a pleasure to welcome you and to share my passion with you.Steve and CoRideSteve will make you progress in complete safety all summer for: 120 € for 5 days internship instead of 135 € // 25 € the class instead of 35 €10 % discount on rental equipment // 10 % discount on all the shop from 15€ of purchase.To find him:SHARKPOOL Ecole de surf55 Avenue de la Plage40530 LABENNE OCEANTél. 06 67 17 92 96www.surfinglabenne.com

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