Meeting with Renaud, the founder of Skate School!

Hello Renaud!


> Can you introduce yourself to our CoRiders?

Hi, my name is Renaud Chaudy, I leave in Labenne since 2 years while keeping a seasonal rhythm. During the winter I work as a shop manager in a ski rental store. During a long time, I was organizer and director of summer camps with a great experience in skateboard classes, internships, camps… I also managed the indoor Skate Park of Grenoble from 2004 till 2008.> What board sports represent for you?For me, it’s above all a way to indulge with as few constraints as possible. To meet people, to travel, whether it’s in skateboard, surfing or snowboard… Board sports are a good excuse to see what is happening elsewhere, and to enjoy life to its fullest!

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> Tell us the Skate School story…Skate School has recently been created, this project is born by the idea to liven up Skate parks of the Landes, still little structured, as for the supervision: the practice is constantly evolving and the young people supervision allows to reassure parents, but especially to open their minds to all the forms of skateboard gradually and in a secure way.It’s intended to the local people, to the collectivity and also to the tourists who are in the region during summer. It’s for everybody and for all levels: from the young skateboarder who begins and wants to learn tricks, to the mom who wants to learn to move in safety on a longboard or a cruiser.The vocation of the school is not to create champions but rather to transmit my passion in a most playful way.> What can you propose to our CoRiders?CoRiders can benefit of private or collective lessons during one or several sessions. I can develop a progressive program by using the various skate parks of the region or, according to their desires and motivations, to direct the sessions as a supplement to the surfing because many competences are transverse in both sports! They can also benefit of 10% discount!> The world of the end?Pleasure above all, each with its own rhythm ! Skateboard is a sport for everyone, ecological and convivial, a complete sport we can practice wherever and when we want. Freedom !!!


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